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IEK Men & Women both 3rd overall in Kent cross-country League

Strength in depth of our Male & female Seniors ensured both finished the season 3rd in their cross-country leagues after each fielded half their team capacity at the final fixture at Swanley, where our Women were 3rd on the day and our Men 5th. Our Men, one of 12 Kent clubs to contest all 4 fixtures, finish 3rd in the table behind Tonbridge and Medway Maidstone - worryingly for grass roots sport, local rivals Ashford were absent throughout the campaign. Our Women, one of 9 clubs in the county to contest all 4 fixtures, finish 3rd behind Tonbridge and Folkestone - here Blackheath Bromley as well as Medway Maidstone, two of the strongest Kent clubs, each missed one of the 4 fixtures

Tom Purnell & Mark Wilkins in top 20 in Men's Kent XC League

For the last fixture of the season at Swanley, featuring 113 finishers, we fielded seven Men - 5 Seniors, 1 under-20 and one vet who ran a 10k course. Two senior newcomers James Wren (51st) and Mike Roberts (76) both raced for IEK as under-13s, well over a decade ago - at Swanley, James was 3rd IEK scorer behind Mark Wilkins (15) and Tim Corby (32) with under-20 Andy Cope 4th scorer in 53rd. Tom Purnell was 63rd and vet Adam Cowper Smith 72nd. Only 2 of 15 IEK Men who raced this winter contested all 4 fixtures - Mark Wilkins ends up 6th overall with Tom Purnell 20th overall.

Claire Brown (4th overall) runs Sharon Hawkins close at Swanley

Over 5km at Swanley, Claire Brown broke into the top 10 of the Kent League (in her first full season in IEK colours) finishing 9th, just one place behind Sharon Hawkins, our leading senior female of the last few seasons. Claire is our only Senior Female to have contested all 4 fixtures and is 4th overall, while Sharon is 2nd best overall among those contesting 3 of the 4 fixtures. At the core of our senior team this winter, Vicky Talbot Rosner (13) Calli Smith (18) and Sarah Newman (19) all also raced at Swanley to complete 3 of the 4 fixtures. For Individual results click underlined text...[url=http://www.dartfordharriersac.co.uk/KXCL/Results/2009-10/Parkwood_20022010/Provisional/Results_KXCL_Parkwood_20022010_Senior_Men.pdf]Men's Kent XC League 2009/10 - Swanley[/url] For Individual results click underlined text...[url=http://www.dartfordharriersac.co.uk/KXCL/Results/2009-10/Parkwood_20022010/Provisional/Results_KXCL_Parkwood_20022010_Senior_Women.pdf]Women's Kent XC Lge 2009/10 - Swanley[/url] For Team results click underlined text....... [url=http://www.dartfordharriersac.co.uk/KXCL/Results/2009-10/Parkwood_20022010/Provisional/Team_Results_KXCL_Parkwood_20022010.pdf]Senior Teams Kent XC League 2009/10[/url]