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Kent League Swanley (Feb)          IEK Females outshine the boys


under 13 Boys

Lone IEK Nathan McNally was 15th in this, his 2nd outing of 4 - iin Match 2 (Somerhill School) Nathan was 6th

Nathan ends 25th out of 42 in League table, 11 yr-old Josh Richards is 37th after his only run at Bexley

No scoring team of 3 runners in this race

  • No Team of 3 runners at any of 4 matches


under 13 Girls

Scoring team 3rd on the day with Anna Weston (3rd) Kelsey Fuss (12) and Molly Dawson 16th.

Anna & Kelsey completed all 4 matches to end up 2nd and 6th in final individual table of 58 runners

A trio of Red Sparrows - Ellen Whitehead (29th) Molly Dawson (31) Olivia Tomlin (38) all completed 2 of the 4 league matches

  • Team finish season 2nd  to Blackheath Bromley

under 15 Boys

under 15 Girls

Bobby Clay inevitably took the overall individual title with her 4th consecutive win .and remains unbeaten in the Kent League for 2 seasons

Amy Old keeps alive her chances of selection for Kent 's team of 8 when finishing in top 12 and maintained a unique pattern of improvement 16th, 14, 12 and now 11th top finish 6overall among those who completed the whole league programme.

under 17 Men

under 17 Women

Ellie Hume completes her 4th of 4 outings in the league to tie top on 7 points with Tonbridge's Nicole Taylor

under 20 Men

Jamie Bailey was 3rd overall on 17 points from the 4 fixtures

under-20 Women

Senior Men

Senior Women