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Kent League - Swanley (March)                     Seniors only (Male + Female)               Sat 12 March 2011

Mark Wilkins signed off a busy cross-country season by completing the Kent League season 10th on the day, and 8th overall from the 28 men who completed all 4 races this season.

Evergreen vet-60 Trevor Edgley made 50th in this race (his 3rd of the programmed 4) to finish the season 58th overall and 34th highest placed veteran.


The remaining 11 Senior IEK were not out at Swanley - four had contested 2 of the 4 league races and all

finish in the top 130 overall,  while seven contested one race each

Of those with 2 races, Jason Prickett (u-20)  finished 84th overall (8th of those with 2 races completed) while the injured Tim Corby was 104th overall and Ben Egan 106th with vet-50  Tim Kerr in 125th


Final positions of the 7 IEK Men to complete one race each this season are avaiable on

Kent League 2011 - Overall Individuals

No Senior Woman made this final fixture but our leading 3 females, who each did 2 races, all finished within a couple of places of each other.

Senior Woman Liz Weeks (=43rd) was 8th in one race and 6th in the next, u-20 Emily Hosker Thornhill (45) was 9th in both her races, and Sharon Hawkins (47) was 10th in both of her races

Sue Cooper and Janice Moorekite were 69 and 70 having each completed 2 races and Claire Brown (97) and Vicky Talbot Rosner (99) with one race each


  • No photographs of this event are available