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Kent Sportshall Competition - 23 Jan 2011 - Canterbury





Indoor Sportshall 

Under 11

First team of Finley Pleace, Holly Fielder, Jack Norman & Madeleine Tomlin was 2nd, only 4 points behind Ashford.
They won silver medals and also gold plates for being the fastest at their sprint and hurdle relays.

under 13

A bit of a mix up. Some scores were not recorded properly so some athletes were not given medals and some were given them in error.

Rhiannon Walkwork, Lydia Gallyer-Barnett, Poppy Collins, Lauren Fielder & Kieran Hawkins all won medals.

Olivia Tomlin performed well but just missed out on a medal. She was one of the unlucky ones who was presented a medal and handed it back in.

under 15

One athlete representied us, Anna Alvarez who again won medals and was chosen to represent Kent next month

Kent Championships 2010



From left to right - Poppy Collins, Finley Pleace, Kieran Hawkins,Lauren Fielder, Rhiannon Wallwork, Olivia Tomlin, Lydia Gallyer Barnett, Maddy Tomlin, Jack Norman, Holly Fielder

Kieran, Rhiannon, Poppy and Lydia were all asked to represent Kent at the Regional championships

to be held at Burgess Hill next month.

Report from Terry Hawkins (Team Manager)