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Watford Open 4 April 2012

Three IEK training partners had mixed results after missing their planned 1,500m at Watford’s first Open of 2012: they were held up by a 10 mile queue following a motorway accident, and arrived just in time for an unplanned 800m.

In Race 1 - featuring 14 runners off a curved line - Amy Old (2.32.13) had raced to 5th (first of 6 females) improving by no less than 6 seconds her previous best of 2.38.7 set in May 2011 at a Kent YA League match in Bromley.



In Race 2 - 13 runners off a curved line see photo - Lilly Coward looked strong as she improved her week-old Hercules Wimbledon season best of 2.28.36 by more than half a second to 2.27.78 - Anna Weston looked a little out-of-sorts when recording 2.32.13, almost 3 seconds outside her best of 2.29.5 set in our internal Club Championships last September but wisely chalks it up to experience.