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Tim Kerr on the trail again!

Tim Kerr on the trail again!


Tim Kerr added yet another marathon to his incredible list of races. For the 5th year in a row he completed the Paris marathon, along with 40,000 others. His time was 3 hours 48mins. Tim thought he was onto a personal best part way into the race, but made a mental miscalculation. In Tim’s words this led to him “putting in too much effort too soon!”


We feel quite sure that Tim would happily have run the race again just for fun, but the organisers may have had other ideas!


Next stop on Tim’s world tour – the London marathon!



Can’t quite spot Tim?!


Darent Valley 10k – 15th April 2012

IEK had a number of athletes at the recent Darent Valley 10k. The 1st IEK athlete home was Michael Conway in a respectable 45:22mins, just 20 seconds ahead of Vicky Talbot Rosner in 45:44mins. A special mention should be made of Beth Burnett who was just 2 minutes behind Vicky, and the 24th female home in 47:51mins. Beth was just 20 seconds off her PB. All this while in the middle of heavy exam preparation! Sue Rogers finished in 54mins25secs, Eddie Broad in 50:39mins and Lea Burnett in 1 hour 06:47 mins.