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A big thank you to the following folk who kindly, without complaint or trauma, helped to make our senior event (Southern League) on Saturday a huge success…

Barry Hopkins, Gilien Davison, Sarah Dawson, Adrian Dawson, John Gilbert, Claire Gilbert, Nick Adams, Ken Gilbert, Marion Gilbert, Ren Smith, Sarah Hotham and Nick (sorry, I don’t know your surname – and my sincere apologies if I’ve left anyone out!!)


You know they say the “games makers” have made the Olympic and Paralympic games…..well without the people above and the likes of the Farnell’s, Mullervys, Westons, Piersals, Underwoods, Roberts, Purnells, Earls, Olds and alike there would be NO club, NO opens, NO Championships and not much for the parents and children who are there meeting after meeting expecting to be entertained and organised on time. We really do need more input from everyone to continue the good work and to spread the load on the few...


Thankfully we do have some new people who like us “want to help” but more would be good…more parents and friends to put their hand up and maybe go on a time keepers course, or track official course.


Remember we are all volunteers and help for the benefit of the athletes and the overall good of the club…also if you’re a spectator or a friend occasionally say thank you to all these people because they make it happen...really make it happen…

For me without them there would be NO point...so I thank them for all their hard work.


Warmest regards to you all.


Ralph Noel 

Chairman IEK