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SCVAC-Kent League-Div1-Bromley 7/6/13

Match 3 of this seasons competition saw 6 Invicta men travelling to Norman Park. Unfortunately none of our women athletes could be with them. In the 35+ “A” events Martin Kelk (M45) placed 6th in the 100m (14.0) and 5th in the 800m (2-17.9) before competing in the 4x200m relay in  which the team came 6th (2-00.8). In the same age- group “B” events Stephen Burt (M45) finished 5th in the 100m (14.1), 2nd in the 800m (2-21.4) and ran in the relay.


Richard Hudson (M55) placed 6th in the 50+ 100m (16.8) and ran as a guest in the 800m and also contested the relay. Ian Tomlinson (M55) continues to make a big contribution to the team and won the 50+ LJ (4-77) before earning points in his 1st venture into discus throwing in the 35+ event (19-45)!! Rob Whittaker ran well for 2nd in the 50+ 800m (2-25.5) and was our 4th runner in the relay .He also tried his hand for the 1st time at the discus and collected valuable points (11-18).


John Gilbert (M65) had a disaster in the 60+ discus (even judged by his renown history of inconsistent throwing!!) .His 1st throw was completely mistimed and ploughed into the ground  at just 18-67. Never mind-he`ll get it right on the next 2 throws. And he did-good distances-possibly even sufficient to win-but both out of the sector!! Ah well-we all sometimes get days like that (John more than most!!). You think-very briefly-is it time to give up? But then you remember that (occasionally) you have a good day, and that makes it all worthwhile And throwing has been so much a part of John`s summer routine for so many years now-what would he do instead?? Start an allotment? Go to bingo?? No-he`s come this far so he might as well carry on for as long as he can and see what further adventures (and frustrations!!) lie ahead. John also struggled (sore Achilles) through the 60+ 100m (20.0) and the 35+ LJ (2-19).


We finished the match in joint 5th place which means we remain in 5th position in the Division. Our next fixture is this Friday 21st June (the longest day!!) at Medway Park, Mill Road, Gillingham ME7 1HF. Details of events and the timetable are as follows;                                                                                                                                                                  


6.45 200 W+60          HJ W+60     SP M       JT W+60

7.15 200 M+60

7.45 1500 W           7.30 HJ M+60   8.00 SP W     JT M+60

8.15 1500 M

8.45 4x400 W

9.05 4x400 M


Parking at Medway Park requires attendees to purchase a ticket from the machines provided. The maximum duration is 4 hours, but this should be sufficient. Parking payment can be recovered at the reception ticket desk. The machine will dispense 2 tickets, one for the car windscreen, one for payment recovery. It is essential the correct ticket is displayed.

The car park is regularly checked by wardens and they do issue parking fines (including for incorrect ticket display)                                                                                                                                                                           

Yours in Sport-John Gilbert

01843 862520