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Christmas races in Brussels

The trip to the Belgium Lotto cross country race this year in  Brussels is to be held on the Sunday before Christmas (the 22nd December) and is to be subsidised by the club, so that staying in the hotel Metropole (see link here) and ferry travel both ways is likely to cost £80 per person, with the only additional expense being a group meal out on the Saturday evening plus drinks and snacks. The hotel is 150m from the Christmas market and rooms will be shared (2 per room). The subsidy applies to paid up club members who compete on the Sunday and the parents of athletes, provided one is prepared to drive a shared car. We will leave early on the Saturday morning and return late on Sunday evening with pick up and drop off points to be arranged. There are cross country age group races from under 11s up to senior men and women, plus a 5k and 10k road race for seniors! All club members are welcome to join this official club trip! Please indicate your wish to take up a place before 26th October to Ralph Noel, Michael Gallyer-Barnett or Peter Mullervy (phone 07801965046 or email peter.mullervy@btinternet.com).