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Sportshall competition success


There were two teams of U13 girls representing Invicta East Kent in their first Sportshall Competition. The events were speed bounce, standing long jump, vertical jump, shot putt and 4-lap race.

The teams were as follows:
Team: Isobel McSweeny, Laura Williams, Neela Chaudhuri and Ella Jackson-Harris

 Team: Lauren Macey, Alex Millard, Hannah Williams and Poppy Mansfield-Jones

The results are as follows:


Laura Williams won the standing long jump (2m 20cm) and Isobel McSweeny was joint first in the vertical jump with 58cm. Both girls were fully supported by their team mates Neela Chaudhuri and Ella Jackson-Harris. For a first performance all were outstanding with more to come!

In the other Team, all girls performed outstandingly especially Alex Millard who had competed in the County Cross Country Championships the day before. Both Hannah Williams and Poppy Mansfield-Jones were outstanding as they had never competed in anything like this before. The most experienced athlete, Lauren Macey, who has competed many times, showed her experience by finishing second overall to Laura Williams.


Overall positions (out of 33 competitors) were Laura Williams 10th, Lauren Macey 11th, Isobel McSweeny 15th, Alex Millard 18th, Hannah Williams 21st, Neela Chaudhuri 23rd, Poppy Mansfield-Jones 24th and Ella Jackson-Harris 26th. 

We look forward to the girls competing at the County Championships at Ashford in December 2013.

 As a final note, Naomi Hawkins finished first in all her U15 group events and was fourth overall in her first competition in 2 years, so an excellent performance again!

 Reporter: Tony Piersall