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AGM 2014

 Hi everyone,

The Club’s Annual General Meeting is approaching, and is due to take place in the Clubhouse and Canterbury Academy at 7PM, on the 24th March 2014. There will also be food and drink provided at the meeting. As ever, we encourage as many members to turn up at the meeting, and get a range of opinions on how the club is being run, and advice on what direction it can head in.

Attending the AGM will also count towards the 10 hours of volunteering required by members to qualify for next year’s cheaper membership rate!


As ever, every executive position on the committee and at the club as a whole is up for re-election at the AGM, so if anyone wishes to put their names forward, they should do so, at the latest, one week before the AGM (17th March). There is always room on the Committee for non-executives as well, who can do jobs as and when they feel they can do so, and their skills are suited to it. Their input is greatly appreciated.

Anyone wishing to put their names forward for any position should contact Nick Little before 17th March on clubsecretary@iekac.org.uk, or 07801 969350. Here is a link to all the positions available to take up at the Club, should anyone be interested in them. Several are currently vacant, so any volunteers for these are top priority right now

Hope to see you all there on 24th March.