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Sprinters clean sweep at Tonbridge


Carlo Montocolombi’s Sprint Squad started their outdoor season off with a bang. With 13 athletes representing the one group, the sprinters showed resilience and excellent team spirit. All athletes finished in the top 3 in both the 150 and the 300m as well as the 4x100 relay, in which the men came away with 3rd place overall, winning their heat despite some rather shaky baton changeovers. The girls faced a tough race placed against teams much older than themselves but still managed an excellent race. Three of our newest members got their athletic careers off to a flying start: Gina Sparks & Sophie Delaney (U15) finished their 150m in first and second respectively, while Hannah Scrivens (U13) took second in her race, just after fellow Sprint Squad member Jasmine Harding (U17) who stormed to first (despite niggling injuries of late) in a time of 21.12.

Our two youngest athletes Isabelle Harding (U11) and Thomas Hill (U13) both performed magnificently with Isabelle achieving 2nd place in her 600m race (not long after running the 75m) and Thomas taking victory in his first competitive 150m with a time of 21.27.

Chris Chancellor (U23) braved his first competition after coming back from a year out with injury, finishing in 3rd place in his 300m race.

On loan from Stuart Earl for sprint sessions, Emily Higham and Holly Fielder (U15) performed well in the 600m, with Emily finishing 3rd in her race, while Holly bravely chose to run a 300m shortly after AND managed to take the lead in an amazing time of 43.41.

Finally, two of our most consistent representatives of the team, Jaffer Adams and Joe Hawkins (U20), showed that their hard work and dedication to training paid off with both achieving personal bests in their preferred distances. Jaffer stormed to victory in the 150m with a time of 17.34 while Joe caught second (just inching in front of training partner Sean Valand) in the 300m in a time of 36.95.

Hard work and determination prove to have paid off. Excellent effort all round!

Photo taken at the next training session; all competitors present aside from Thomas Hill who was absent that day.


Photo taken at the next training session; all competitors present aside from Thomas Hill who was absent that day.  


By Claire Battersby