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Invicta East Kent Athlete Phil Anthony Breaks World Record for 100K

Phil Anthony the world 50k Silver Medallist from the recent World Cup Final held in Doha attempted and broke the world record for running 100km on a treadmill. Phil started his attempt at ten minutes to ten last Wednesday morning the 3rd of December in the sports science laboratory at Canterbury Christchurch University and after a few minutes moved the running speed of the belt to 6 minute miles. Overseen and witnessed for Guinness book of record purposes by his coach and officially time kept by Chief timekeeper from the London marathon and Invicta East Kent member John Batty assisted by Dave Lindsey from Paddock Wood AC Phil continued to churn out 6 minute miles for the next 60km.


Also in attendance from the beginning was our club president Rex Stickland an ultra- distance runner of some immense experience himself on hand to pass on advice if and when required. Phil kept his mind away from the boredom of running relentlessly in one place on the treadmill by watching episodes of the world’s strongest man and junior master chef on a large television screen placed in front of him and just to the side of him a very large digital clock reminding him how many hours he had been running for.


At 40 km completed BBC South East Sports News arrived and filmed Phil briefly before conducting an interview whilst Phil was running six minute miles and was broadcast that lunchtime whilst he continued running towards the 100 km finish.


Shortly after 60k Phil’s wife arrived and then remained until the end encouraging and worrying in equal measure as her husband continued to grind out the miles with members of the Christchurch University staff and students dropping in and out between lectures to offer encouragement.


During his attempt Phil took three short toilet breaks drank two litres of fluids and eat gels and energy bars to sustain his run. Each time Phil stopped the treadmill had to stop before he could leave the belt but the clock remained running and each and every stop was recorded for record purposes and each and every 5k split was timed too.


Once Phil reached 80 k failing injury or illness the record looked increasingly certain it was just a question of by how much! However around this time (with still a half marathon to go Phil began to experience stomach pains but he stuck to the task at one stage lowering the belt speed to 14km per hour. Still he drove onwards and with the lab gradually filling with spectators and noisy encouragement and our club chairman dropping in to add to the support the television was turned off as Phil now used all his powers of concentration and determination to smash the existing World Record of 7 hours 21 minutes 41 seconds. The legs were battered the mind was telling him to stop and only Phil can ever say to this present day what your body feels like when you run 62 and a half miles at an average speed of 6 minutes 24 seconds for each of those miles.


As the end drew close the crowd continued to grow whilst Phil was forced to make one final toilet break with just two kilometres to the finish and when returning to the belt immediately turned the belt speed in excess of 16 km per hour and went for broke ! as the 400 300 200 100 metres to go numbers came up on the calibrated treadmill control the crowd started to clap, shout encouragement and  generally show their appreciation of the immensity of the effort they were witnessing.


Phil had stopped the clock at 6 hours 40 minutes and 35 seconds to improve the WORLD RECORD by over 41 minutes!


As the applause subsided Phil collapsed against the side rail of the treadmill for several minutes before he had the composure to step down of the treadmill and thank the timekeepers and supporters before signing the essential paperwork for the Guinness book of records to make sure the attempt was valid.


Phil had never previously run further than 50 k !




Phil will be at the club at this Tuesday evening's (9th December) training session.