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Invicta Athletes Shine at Tonbridge Open

A report contributed by Paul Higham

There was a strong Invicta East Kent presence at the Tonbridge Open meeting on Easter Monday. In total 23 athletes donned the red vest, and amassed an amazing 25 personal best performances between them.

On the track, Lilly Coward and Jess Carley flew the flag for Invicta in the 800m Steeplechase, whilst Bobby Clay Jack Goss did the business in the 3000m event.

In the 150m sprints, a strong contingent from Carlo Monticolombi’s squad were in attendance, including Jasmine Harding, Hannah Scrivens, Sophie Delaney, Gina Sparks, Louise Evans, and Louise Flynn. All acquitted themselves superbly, and kept the flow of PB’s coming.

Annabel Carter and Oliver Harding did the honours in the 300m, and Bobby Clay, Dylan Rigby, Anna Weston, Alexandra Millard, Holly Fielder, Emily Higham, Oliver Weston, Oscar Keeys, Isabelle Harding and Louise Flynn all slogged it out in the 600m.

Rounding out the action on track was Holly Fielder, who was getting to grips with the 80m hurdles, having made the step up to the U17 age group.

Having made an impression on track the Invicta athletes continued to show great early season promise in the field events, which bodes well for the rest of the year.

Multi eventers Holly Fielder, Emily Higham have now been joined by Isabelle Harding, and all performed well in the Long Jump, with Emily and Isabelle both recording PB performances. Young Oliver Harding also set down an early marker of his potential, by finishing first in the U11 boys event.

Oscar Keeys ensured that Invicta had a presence in the High Jump event, and kept the PB account ticking over.

The throwing events were covered by David Glendower in the Senior Men Shot, Discus and Hammer events, whilst Emily Higham, Isabelle Harding, and Oscar Keeys all heaved the Shot. Emily finished second, overall, and improved on her previous best by a massive 59cm! Holly Fielder continued to develop her multi event prowess by getting to know the javelin, and knowing Holly, it will not be long before she is racking up the points with this event.

The day was rounded out with the sprint relays, and Carlo was able to field two ‘willing’ teams who performed very well, and kept the crowd entertained to the end.

All in all, a splendid day out for the club. Some excellent early season performances, across a wide range of events, that bode well for the coming season.