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Support for the SAL by club members has been dwindling over recent seasons. In a final attempt to make competition in this league available for those Invicta athletes who still wanted it the management committee entered a combined team with Medway Park Phoenix this season. Sadly there has continued to be minimal support at matches so far-at the last fixture at Battersea I was the only person intending to compete!! I have been acting as de facto team manager but have now decided that, as there is obviously no longer support for this league from our club, I will not continue to try to raise teams etc for the remaining fixtures. I have advised our management committee of this and the team manager of Medway Park Phoenix. If anyone is now prepared to take on the team manager role and fulfil the outstanding fixtures I am sure the man com would be very pleased to hear from them.

I am very sad to have reached this point. I have competed in T&F leagues in various parts of the country since I was in my teens and it is an established part of my lifestyle and summer routine. Even at the age of 72 I still have appetite for league competition and have tried over the years as team manager to assist in making this available for other like- minded Invicta athletes. I think a club should provide this opportunity for seniors particularly, but also for younger athletes as a transition into senior competition. In future I think the club will struggle to attract and recruit new adult members who want T&F competition when we do not have a team for this. Perhaps like a lot of Invicta athletes at present, as it appears to me, training will be sufficient for such people. Time will tell.

Doubly disappointing to relate-our vets team in the Kent league is also experiencing negligible support. Apart from David Glendower and myself only two other Invicta athletes (who performed outstandingly at our home match) have turned out for the team during the season!! Our latest match was at the Julie Rose stadium on 29/6-not a million miles from our Canterbury base-but again it was just David and myself. I do not intend to try to raise a team for the final match at Gillingham on 10/7. Unless there is clear evidence that the vets team would be MUCH BETTER SUPPORTED REGULARLY next season I can see no point in entering our club then.

On a number of occasions in recent years I have said “use it or lose it”. By their continuing lack of support members seem to have made their choice. I will have to make one for myself now if I am to continue to enjoy T&F league competition in future years.

                                         Yours in Sport-John Gilbert-01843 862520-johnandclairegilbert@hotmail.com