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SAL-Div NE-Gillingham 31st May

SAL-Div NE-Gillingham-31st May `15

What does it take to get Invicta athletes to support our SAL team?? I had given lots of forward notice of this fixture via our club website and details on the notice board. The match was very accessible at Gillingham-no great distance to travel. And how many men and women competitors did we field ?? 3!! However, for our lone female athlete, Jessica Masters, it proved to be a very worthwhile trip. Running only her 2nd S/C Jessica decided that this was the race when she would get to the front as soon as possible and see how long she could maintain her lead. And she was magnificent-prevailing to the final hurdle when an older and probably much more experienced opponent passed her and managed to hold on in a sprint for the line. An excellent race Jessica. You were the youngest runner in the event and showed huge determination and confidence in the way you ran the race. I think you will remember your first time in the SAL with much satisfaction and I hope it proves to be a stepping stone to many more great races in the future.

Our 2 men throwers-David Glendower and John Gilbert-had a busy afternoon made even more interesting by having to officiate the javelin in the rain while also competing in the event itself!! The weather was certainly not conducive to good performances but David was pleased to throw 24-21 in the ham for 4th place in the “A” string with John placing 2nd in the “B” competition-20-98. In other “A” strings David was 4th in both the shot-7-54- and dis-19-86. In the “B” string John was also 4th in the dis-19-46- and shot-6-89. He repeated this position in the jav-19-98.

Our next match is at Battersea on Sat 29th June. A “sign-up” sheet is on the noticeboard . There is probably nothing more I can say to encourage people to take part that I haven`t said many (perhaps too many?) times before. Certainly if much greater participation isn`t achieved in the remaining 3 matches I would see no point in our entering the league next year. Medway Phoenix have only provided 1 female athlete at each of the 1st 2 meetings so, sadly, the hope that a combined team would prove viable has not materialized.

As they say “use it or lose it”

            Yours in Sport-John Gilbert-01843 862520-johnandclairegilbert@hotmail.com